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Is Erectile Dysfunction Caused By A Man’s Relationship With His Mother?

Research has suggested that erectile dysfunction could be caused by the relationship a man has with his mother. erectile dysfunction

The study, which was published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, showed that a strained relationship with your mother as a child can cause sexual problems as an adult.

Charles University in Prague conducted a survery which found that men who didnt say ‘L’ word (love) until later in life had issues in the bedroom.

960 men, aged between 15 and 88, participated in the study and were asked about their sexual habits, their relationship with their mother and the age they fell in love.

The study concluded that: ‘The association of poorer current sexual function with (historical) older age at first being in love might suggest some enduring conflict regarding sexuality and/or intimacy.’ 

Which means that men who have more difficulties with sexual functions later in life had also tended to fall in love later on.

Regarding the relationship between men and their mothers, the study found: ‘One explanation for this finding is that psychogenic factors (when a physical illness stems from an emotional stress) may play a more important role.’

This means that if a man has emotional issues as a young man they may stem into physical issues in his later life.

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