Do You Want To Be Slim? Eat In!

Eating out might make your wallet feel lighter, but the same thing might not be said when you step on the scales..

Dining out could be making you gain weight and increasing your risk of diabetes.

According to research, people who usually have their dinner at home are slimmer and are 15% less likely to have diabetes compared to those who eat out.

For 26 years, researcher Geng Zong followed the health of 100,000 middle-aged men and women.

The participants were asked questions about their lifestyle, diet and where they ate their meals.

The results showed that those who ate their evening meal at home five to seven times a week are 15% less likely to develop diabetes than those who ate at home only twice a week.

People who ate at home ate more fruit, veg and whole grains, consumed less fizzy drinks and excerised more, which resulted in them gaining less weight over the years.

All the volunteers were free of diabetes at the start of the study.
However, by the end of the 26  years, more than 9,000 had developed diabetes.

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