The truth about Roll-up cigarettes!

Roll-up’s are just as bad for you!

The UK Chief Medical Officer has now warned that roll-up cigarettes are no less harmful for you than standard pre-packaged cigarettes bought over the counter. This information is contrary to many smokers belief that roll-up cigarettes were less harmful for them than pre-packaged cigarettes.

It has now been claimed by the Chief Medical Officer that any form of smoking, whether it is roll-up or pre packaged cigarettes, is bad for you and will ‘rot’ the body from the inside.

Where’s the fuss come from?

A lot of health officials are getting more and more worried with the rise of people smoking roll-up cigarettes as they are a cheaper alternative to pre-packaged cigarettes. In a recent study, figures showed that 40% of male smokers and 23% of female smokers use roll-up cigarettes.

What is worrying the health officials, is that 49% of the people involved in the study believed that smoking the roll-up cigarettes was less harmful for them than smoking the pre-packaged cigarettes.

What are they doing about it?

In order to get their point across about roll-up cigarettes being just as harmful, the government has started an aggressive advertising campaign that is designed to shock people that smoke roll-up cigarettes and make them think about the damage being caused to their bodies.

Image used by the NHS in their Smokefree campaign
Image used by the NHS in their Smokefree campaign

In one of the adverts, roll-up cigarettes are shown with rotting body tissue coming out of them, whilst in another of the adverts, a smoker inhales from a roll-up cigarette, then you see an x-ray image of their insides with contaminated blood rushing through his body from their lungs to their heart and brain.

Stop smoking and stop the ‘rot’!

The earlier a smoker quits, the better chance they have of reversing some of the damage that has already been done to their body. Recent studies have shown that around one in five british people smoke, which is the lowest recorded figure in nearly 80 years!

It looks like the government and health officials are looking to try and get this figure even lower with their shock and awe advertising tactics.

If you are looking to try and quit smoking, you can get excellent advice and help by visiting the NHS Smokefree website.

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