STIQ day – 14th January 2015

STIQ Day – 14th January 2015

What’s it all about?

STIQ day is all about YOU, or more importantly, your sexual health!

It’s been launched to get you to think more about your sexual health and getting yourself tested to make sure that you are not infected.

After all…without a test, can you be 100% certain that you don’t have one?

The infection number in the UK is rising all the time, regardless of age, sexual orientation or number of sexual partners. It only takes one unprotected encounter for you to get an infection, and some of them can be fatal if left untreated!

What could you catch?

Well, there are many different infections that you could catch, and many of them are easily treated and clear up in no time at all, but there are also some which can be particularly painful and in some cases life threatening if left untreated!

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