Do you put off your worries??

Do you put off your worries?

A recent study completed by insurer Direct Line, has found that ⅔ of the UK put off dealing with serious emotional problems and would rather carry out physical tasks to push their worries to the back of their minds!


What are we putting off?

Most of the problems that we push to the back of our minds revolve around money or jobs, but the main worry for people was relationships. Around 1 in 6 of us have put off ending a relationship for long periods of time!

Studies show that we worry about major issues for nearly two years before we finally pluck up the courage to deal with them and fix the problem. Many people like to pretend that everything is fine, so they would rather do chores or carry out manual tasks rather than face their problems head on.

What can we do?

Putting off your worries and pretending that they aren’t there can be a major problem, especially if it is something major such as a relationship problem or a financial problem. Having them sitting there in the back of your mind can slowly eat away and will eventually cause health problems for you such as increased stress levels and depression.

Most people don’t like to talk about themselves and statistically men try to put off talking about themselves in any way at any cost. Women are more likely to confront their worries than men, but even this is usually after a substantial amount of time has passed!

Prioritising your emotional well being is the main thing, because if you don’t then you will only make yourself ill through worrying about all the different things that are on your mind. If you have something on your mind, try and deal with it straightaway rather than putting it to one side.

Dealing with things as soon as they happen can often make them easier to sort out than letting them drag on!

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