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Shocking Alternative to Viagra

During a recent meeting of the European Society for Sexual Medicine in Madrid, Spain, it was proposed that, according to recent studies, extra-corporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) could provide a long-term treatment for erectile dysfunction.

In a Scandinavian study of the potential effectiveness of ESWT, 112 men with erectile dysfunction took part. Half of the men received five weekly doses of low-intensity sound waves to six parts of their penis. The other 56 men were given a placebo (a treatment, such as a tablet, that does not contain an active ingredient/component).

At the start of the study none of the men were able to have penetrative sex without medication. However, by the end of the study 57% of the men who received the low-intensity sound waves (via ESWT) said they could have sex without medication, in contrast to the 9% who were given a placebo.

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