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Could Feeding Babies Peanuts Reduce Their Chance Of Becoming Allergic?

peanutExperts have found that feeding peanuts or peanut butterĀ to babies may reduce their chances of becoming allergic as they get older.

550 children who were considered to be at risk of delevoping the allergy were fed peanut snacks in their first year of life.

British scientists found they were 74% less likely to develop a peanut allergy by the time they were 6 years old.

The children who took part in the study were carefully monitored for signs of illness.

Experts have stressed that parents must consult their doctor before feeding their at-risk babies peanuts.

To read the full article, please go to: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3477039/FEEDING-peanuts-babies-reduce-chance-allergic-older-experts-found.html

For more information about allergies, please go to: https://www.allergyuk.org/