New Saliva test could detect Alzheimer’s, Cancer and Baldness all for just £125!!

So… We’ve heard about a new saliva test that has been introduced here in the UK that claims to be able to genetically test your saliva for over 100 pieces of genetic information that could reveal how likely you are to develop certain medical conditions.

Who’s behind the testing?

The company that has created this test is actually a Google backed company called 23andMe, ran by Anne Wojcicki who is the wife of Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

It is believed that the test can find out if you are at risk from Alzheimer’s and Cancer, and could even shed light on the likelihood of you going bald! They also claim that the test can reveal information about your ancestry as well.

Is it a godsend?

It seems like this new test could be a godsend when it comes to trying to be proactive with your health, but as with all tests, the results received are not guaranteed to be 100% reliable.

In this tests case, although it may be able to predict (from looking at your genetic structure) the likelihood of Alzheimer’s or Cancer, because the results are not 100% accurate it has been banned in the USA due to the results being unclear and possibly misleading to patients.

Helps check for hereditary conditions

Ultimately, this new test has caused a split decision in the medical world, but if you or someone you know has, or may have had relatives that had any condition that could be hereditary, then it may be of use to see what the likelihood of getting that condition could be!

It may also be handy for prospective parents as this would indicate the likelihood of any genetic indicators that you may have being passed on to your child.

So… Will you take the test?

Do you think this new test is a good thing?

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