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Sexual Health Week – STIs

Sexual Health Week is happening on 12th September until 18th September 2016.sexual health week sexual health week sexual health week

This years focus is sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

FPA aim to raise awareness about where to get tested and encourage condom use.

If you have unprotected sex (without using a condom), you are at a greater risk of getting a STI.

STIs can be passed by gential contact and sharing sex toys.

In England, there were more than  435,000 STI diagnoses in 2015.

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While the theme this year is sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and safer sex, if you (or a man you know) suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED) or “impotence”, then that condition would need to be addressed before you (or they) can even think about engaging in any sexual activity.

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Would You Tell Your Friends Your Sex Secrets Or Intimate Health Issues?

It has been confirmed that women are more likely to talk about sex with their friends than their partners.

sex secrets

Women’s intimate health brand Balance Activ as part of BV Awareness Month have revealed that women won’t share sex secrets with their partners but will happily discuss with friends.

According to a study, 38% will reveal how often they have sex and 3 in 10 will give details such as where they have done the deed.

However, women are not as open to share details about intimate health matters.

Less than 1 in 5 women will discuss this with their friends as they fear they will be rejected or feel embarassed.

In a bid to encourage more women to talk about intimate health issues, Balance Activ and Dr Dawn Harper have organised its ‘Time to Talk’ campaign, in conjunction with BV (Bacterial Vaginosis) Awareness Month.

It isn’t just women who shy away from talking about sexual health matters – only 6% of men talk about these issues.

Some men feel embarassed to speak to their partners or GP about sexual health problems such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

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If you suffer from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation but don’t want to speak to your GP, please go to www.ukmeds4u.com for a free private e-consultation with their Doctor.

Thinking About Sex Day 2016

Think about sex day 2016Aswell as Valentines Day, 14th February 2016  is Thinking About Sex Day.

The day is designed to encourage everyone to discuss the physical and psychological issues surrounding sexual activity.

Thinking About Sex day is organised by the Sexual Advice Association.

For more information, please go to: http://www.sda.uk.net/index.php

For information on sexual health, please go to: www.ukmeds4u.com