High-fat Mediterranean Diet Is The Key To Weight Loss.

Counting calories may be a waste of time and dieters should instead focus on having a calorie-rich diet packed with ‘good’ fats, according to new research.

mediterranean diet

Scientists, from the University of Barcelona, tracked 7,500 men and women who either had type 2 diabetes or were at risk of heart disease.

The participants, from Spain, were analysed for 5 years and put on one of three diets.

One group had an unrestricted Mediterranean diet especially rich in olive oil, a second had a similar unrestricted diet packed with nuts, and the third group followed a conventional ‘slimmers’ diet that avoided all kinds of fat.

At the end of the five years, all three groups had lost a small amount of weight, but the participants who had the Mediterranean diet rich in olive oil had lost the most weight – an average of 0.88kg (1.9 pounds).

Those on the nut-rich diet lost the least weight – 0.40kg (0.88 pounds).

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