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Weight Loss Pill Lorcaserin Does Not Increase the Risk of Cardiovascular Problems

Weight loss drug Lorcaserin has proven efficacy for weight loss in overweight/obese adults.bmi obesity

The medicine works by suppressing appetite and should be taken twice a day. It costs around $220-290 (£155-225) per month in the US.

Scientists also found that Lorcaserin did not raise the risk of cardiovascular problems.

12,000 obese/overweight adults who suffer from atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease or multiple cardiovascular risk factors took part in the study. They were given Lorcaserin 10mg twice daily or placebo (a substance that is made to resemble Lorcaserin but do not contain the active ingredient).

The results showed that those taking Lorcaserin 10mg lost an average of 4kg over 40 months without the risk of further heart problems.

Lorcaserin is currently available in the US under the name Belviq.

The drug is not available in the UK or EU, as it would need a European license and be approved by NICE before doctors can start to prescribe Lorcaserin.

Xenical and Alli are weight loss treatments currently available in the UK.

To read more about Xenical and Alli and for a free private online consultation (with a UK GMC-registered doctor) for weight loss medication, please go to

It is estimated that 1 in 4 adults in the UK are overweight/obese.

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The Secret To Living To 100

In a costal hamlet in Italy there are 300 men and women who are 100 years old or over and the secret could be Rosemary. rosemary

The herb isn’t only the key to living longer but it has also helped the pensioners to be free of Alzheimers and heart disease.

Researcher’s from the University of California San Diego School of Medicine and University of Rome are the first to be given permisson to study the 300 centenarians.

San Diego Doctor Professor Alan Maisel said: ‘The goal of this long-term study is to find out why this group of 300 is living so long by conducting a full genetic analysis and examining lifestyle behaviours, like diet and exercise.’

According to the researchers rosemary is frequently used in their cooking.

Other factors that may have influenced their long life could be regular walks and a healthy Mediterranean diet.

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Would These Images Stop You From Having That Extra Piece Of Cake?

Diabetes Association of Thailand have created a campaign, Sweet Kills, which aims to warn the public of the effects of eating too much sugar can have on your body.sweet kills sweet kills sweet kills

Nattakong Jaengsem, a Thai designer based in Bangkok, has created these powerful images using some of our favourite treats to remind us that too much sugar can lead to type 2 diabetes, which can cause wounds to heal slower and cause infection.

According to the NHS, there are 3.9 million people living with diabetes in the UK.

There are a number of medical conditions associated with diabetes such as thyroid disease, coeliac disease and erectile dysfunction.

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How Sugar Can Affect Your Body

Ever wondered what’s happening to your body when you eat food with a lot of sugar? Now you can find out…


From triggering thrush to weakening the immune system, this useful tool reveals exactly how sugar can harm your health.

While the current recommended daily sugar intake for adults in the UK is 30 grams per day, many people are consuming almost double this amount: The current average daily UK adult intake of sugar is 58.8 grams.

A new online tool by Benenden, a healthcare and insurance provider, highlights some of the health problems or medical conditions that excessive sugar intake can cause, or contribute to, either directly or indirectly, as follows…

Yeast infections, such as thrush

– Erectile dysfunction
– Lethargy and lack of sex drive

– Heart disease
– Porous bones and osteoporosis
– Weakened immune system

– Obesity
– Diabetes and hyperglycemia
– Increased risk of cancer
– Tooth decay, abscesses, and oral diseases
– Kidney damage (leading to kidney failure)
– Non-alcoholic fatty liver (leading to liver failure)
– Hardening of the arteries
– Atherosclerosis (thickening of the artery walls)
– High blood pressure
– High cholesterol
– Increased risk of stroke
– Increased risk of heart disease
– Increased risk of heart attack
– Digestive issues (gas, cramps, bloating, irritable bowel syndrome)
– Exacerbates depression and anxiety
– Contributes to mood disorders
– Weakens immune system
– Could contribute towards dementia
– Might accelerate skin ageing & acne

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Carbohydrates Could Increase The Risk Of Lung Cancer

It has been revealed that carbohydrates could be bad for your lungs aswell as your waistline.lung cancer bagel

A study found that there was a 49% increased risk of lung cancer in people with a high glycemic index diet compared to those with a low glycemic index diet.

However the study also found glycemic load had no significant association with lung cancer risk. Therefore it could suggest that it is the quality, not the quantity, of carbohydrates consumed that may increase the risk of lung cancer.

Lung cancer is one of the most common cancer and around 44,500 people in the UK are diagnosed every year.

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A High-Protein Diet Is Important For Weight Loss

kim kardashian westA new study has revealed that a high-protein diet is important for weight loss.

According to scientists from Purdue University, Indiana, eating protein causes people to feel fuller.

Protein activates satiety hormone release which helps you feel fuller longer.

Kim Kardashain West, a reality star, is following a high-protein diet, low-carbohydrate Atkins diet to help her shed her baby weight.

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If you are overweight (BMI 28 and over) and tried dieting and excerise but still haven’t had success – please go to for a free consultation for other weightloss options.

Could Viagra help with weight loss?

Viagra is a popular prescription medicine (POM) which is used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED).

However, weight_loss_picresearchers in China have suggested that Viagra could help with weight loss.

It was discovered during laboratory and animal studies that Viagra causes change in body fat, which means that calories are burned off, rather than getting stored.

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If you are overweight (BMI 28 and over) and tried dieting and excerise but still haven’t had success – please go to for a free consultation for other weightloss options.

Why go Dry in January?

Tea totalOf the three people in the office today one of us for some reason is not drinking (booze) during the month of January… so, the rest of us figured we should make an effort to be supportive.

What’s it all about?

There are many reasons for doing a dryathlon (as it is also referred to), a lot of people simply see it as their new year’s resolution. Often they give up after a few days when they realise all their mates are ‘out to play ‘or someone has a party.
Other people say they are going to be more healthy in January after all the feasting and indulging that they have done over the festive period but again, after a few days of trying to be healthy, a large percentage of people simply give up and slip into old habits.

What are the benefits?

Nobody needs to be told that too much alcohol is bad for them, but what if you were told of all the benefits that you could have just by not having that tipple?
Well, there is the obvious one that jumps straight out, which is that you will save money! Just think what you could do with the extra cash instead of going to the pub or the off licence.
As well as saving money, there are several health benefits. You will sleep better by reducing your alcohol consumption, as well as noticing that you have a better skin tone and a nicer feel to your hair.
Above all, the major thing to come of going dry for a month will be the fact that you will be living a much healthier lifestyle, which in turn will contribute to you losing weight! What better incentive do you need than that?

You can help a good cause!

So with all these great benefits, it sound like a great idea doesn’t it? Well we certainly think it does anyway!

If you want to try and stay dry for January, then you can do it officially by registering through the Alcohol Concern website using the following link:


You can also get lots of handy information and tips on how to complete the month by visiting


So will you be able to complete the Dry January challenge? Let us know below…


Can a Mediterranean diet really combat obesity and reduce the effects of metabolic syndrome?

There’s been a common belief for many years that if you eat a Mediterranean diet then you’re likely to live longer, but now, there’s research that claims that by eating a Mediterranean diet you may actually be able to reverse the effects of metabolic syndrome, by reducing obesity and blood glucose levels that lead to the condition.obesity

Metabolic syndrome is combination of diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity which puts people at a higher risk of things like heart disease and strokes.

So….we thought that we would take a look into the facts and see what it all means to us…and see if there’s anything we can do to help ourselves, and you, get a bit healthier.

What’s involved?

Well….Its seems that the most important part of the diet is Olive Oil or nuts.

So, along with a diet rich in fruit, vegetables, fish and whole-grains, by adding nuts or Olive Oil you can help your weight reduce and lower your blood glucose levels.

That sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

The research..

This information has come from a Spanish study done at Universitat Rovira i Virgili and Hospital Universitari de Sant Joan de Reus on a group of nearly 5800 men and women (aged 55-80) and were all at risk of heart disease. They were split into three groups, One group ate a Mediterranean diet with extra olive oil, another had the Mediterranean diet, with added nuts and the final ate a traditional low-fat diet. (you know…they one we’re all trying to follow).

Research showed the both the ‘Mediterranean diet’ groups lost weight and reduced their blood sugar levels…Pretty significant, bearing in mind the current advice is to follow a low-fat diet to achieve these results!

The Mediterranean diet also seems to stop people from collecting fat around their middles (the classic apple shape), which is commonly identified as being a precursor to diabetes…

It is estimated that if we increased the amount of fruit and vegetables we eat by just one portion per day, and the amount of nuts eaten by two portions per week, then this could prevent up to 5.2 million deaths from cardiovascular disease in just one year!

So, will you change?

It seems like our Mediterranean cousins have been getting it right all this time….Maybe think of every meal as a mini holiday…. but we’re not sure all the wine counts!

To find out more, check out the NHS Mediterranean diet information here and make your choice.

Comment below and let us know what you think or if you will be changing your diet – We think we will!

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